PŁD-450 is an automatic machine used to produce heating and chimney wood in large quantities. In one operating cycle, the machine combines wood cutting using a chain saw with splitting and conveying onto the flitch pile using a transport belt conveyor.



Max. cutting diameter: 450 mm (optionally 470 mm)
Cutting length adjustment: 250 – 620 mm
Electric drive/worm/combustion engine/mixed, e.g. electric + worm
Guide motor power: 4 kW electric (hydraulic motor for the worm and combustion options)
Chain saw: SOLID HARVESTER 64 cm / 404” / 2.0 mm 642HSFL
Pump motor power: 11 kW
Pump delivery (l/min), system with three hydraulic pumps 46 + 10 + 6 l
Pressure force (in tonnes): 25 tonnes
Splitting cycle duration with actuator return (sec.) 4/3
Sawing-splitter output: 4-8 m3/h (8 m3 with the longitudinal-transverse log feeder)
Spitting knife: 2 / 4-6 parts
System oil capacity: 110 – 130 l
Oil cooler for the automatic option
Knife height positioning: hydraulic
Dimensions: 2350 x 1250 x 1800
Empty mass (complete) 1650 kg semi-automatic / 25 ton – 1970 kg automatic


– Longitudinal-transverse log silo 1800 x 2500 x 900 (capacity of approx. 2.5 m3)
– splitting wedge for 8 parts
– Rotek 17 PS compression-ignition engine
– an option to provide mobile ALCO chassis with an overrunning brake and lighting


The sawing-splitting machine PŁD-450 is fully automated: chain guide, log clamping, splitting, infeeder and outfeeder, hydraulic positioning of the knife height for splitting. All functions are executed by the operator using a joystick. The sawing-splitting machine PŁD-450 is available as fully automatic and semi-automatic. It can also be manufactured with mobile chassis with any drive, drive worm shaft, combustion engine, electric motor or mixed drives.

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