PTPr-300 Vertical band-saw The machine is adjusted to process round stacked wood and to cut square planks of one or two-side processed wood of a diameter up to 40 cm. The capacity of the machine depends on the thickness of wood and the required thickness of lumber and, in average, it amounts to 2m3 per hour. The band-saw may be widely used in the sawmill industry, households, joinery and the pallet and furniture industry thanks to great savings of the material it provides and also because of the cutting precision of 0.2 mm.


TECHNICAL DATA (the standard model)

weight – 550 kg
main engine power – 5.5 kW / (optionally 7.5 kW)
power demand – 6.0 kW
voltage – 380V, 50Hz
manual longitudinal feed
horizontal clearance of the cutting head – 400 mm
Vertical clearance of the cutting head – 400 mm
width of the blade – 32-45 mm
length of the blade – 4004 mm
thickness of the kerf -1.5-2.5mm
diameter of feeler wheels – 600 mm
standard cutting length -1500 mm (optionally 2500 mm )
longitudinal feed of the cutting head, smooth start inverter 0-40 mb

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