This saw is designed for cutting worn or damaged pallets to recycle pallet boards using precise cutting of nails connecting the board with the runner. The pallet cutting saw allows recycling about 4 m3 of boards per one shift to reuse them in the production of pallets.



Main motor: 5.5 kW – 2900 rpm
Stepless advance control: 0 – 20 lin.m./min – motoreducer 0.75 kW
Splitting height adjustment: electrical (motoreducer 0.55 kW)
Band feeder height: 610 mm
Feeder width: 1250 mm
Feeder length: 4324 mm
Diameter of blade guide wheels: 475 mm
Machine overall dimensions: width 2700 mm x length 4324 x height 1520 mm
Machine weight: 1230 kg
Used blade: bimetallic for steel cutting 5800 X 34-40 X 09-1,1 pitch 4/6 or 3/4

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