Hout Hakselaar

The suspended branch chipper is a machine to be used for chipping branches of coniferous and deciduous trees. The machine is particularly useful for farmers and foresters as well as people dealing with tree care. It is easy to operate, 1 to 3 people are needed to operate the machine.



– forest areas
– fruit plantations, orchards, gardens
– povens with a mechanical feeder
– landscape designers

The EKO-12 branch chipper is a machine powered by a tractor’s PTO shaft.
The required power 30-50 HP
The machine’s simple and reinforced construction is its characteristic feature, which directly translates into its long and reliable operation.



Thickness of branches up to 120mm
Feed opening 210x210mm
The opening of the hopper 600x600mm
Power requirement 30-50 HP
Length of chips 70mm
Rotational speed in 540 rpm
Capacity up to 20m3/h
Rotational, adjustable outlet pipe
Weight 360 KG
PTO shaft powered (Power Take Off Shaft)



Width 105cm
Length 200cm
Height 250-280cm (adjustable)

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