This machine is used for semi-automatic sharpening of band saws. Tooth parameters are changed manually. The grinding disk is driven by an electric motor, whereas the saw is advanced by a motoreducer. Stepless adjustment of the grinding wheel (up-down) allows setting various tooth heights, whereas the pitch of teeth is adapted to the pitch standard of 22 mm (other pitch values on individual request).

The machine is equipped with a cam, which allows obtaining many modifications of the tooth profile by various combinations of carrier positions.

One cam rotation completes one sharpening cycle for one tooth.
The sharpener is equipped with a pump for cooling the tooth being sharpened.
The machine must be positioned in a stable manner or fastened to the floor.



1. Length of band saws to be sharpened: 2400 – 5000 mm
2. Width of sharpened band saws: 15 – 50 mm
3. Height of sharpened teeth: 4 – 7 mm
4. Pitch of sharpened teeth: 22 mm (12 – 32 mm on request)
5. Sharpening speed: 40 teeth/min
6. Electric drive:
– spindle: electric motor 0.18 kW / 400 V / 2800 rpm
– advance: electric motor 0.15 kW / 400 V / 900 rpm
7. Grinding wheel (self-profiling): diameter 150 mm x thickness 8 mm x opening 13 or 20 mm
8. Sharpener overall dimensions: 800 x 700 x height 1300 mm
9. Sharpener weight: 120 kg

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